Grievances can be registered anonymously by the public. This means users do not need accounts created. However, public users do not have any means for checking the status of their grievance without contacting the report center first.

For Public (Anonymous) Users:

From the dashboard by selecting the “submit Safety nets complaints” or “report corruption/bribery|

Registered Users:

Login to the GRM, Select “Grievance > Register New Grievance”

The grievance registration window, is divided into sections as follows.

Step 1: About the Grievance

It consists, of a summary, along with a description of the Grievance and The Region/District/Chiefdom/section relates to the geographical area the incident took place. Please note that options are controlled via catalogs.

Step 2: Who the complaint relates to?

    1. Step 3: Linking a Beneficiary to Complaint

    1. Step 4: Adding Suspects

    1. Step 5: Adding Complainers

    1. Step 6: Documents/Attachments

Attachments are usually loaded with a specific grievance’s details from the back end of the Grievance.  If there are any attachments to be the specified grievance, the document section may be used to add any documents/attachments to the grievance

Select add Document, to expand the controls to add controls to enable you upload a document

Choose ‘choose file’ to select the file for upload, Give  a title for your  attachment, The title of the attached  will be set to the name of the file, incase this field is left blank.  Give you  attachement  a short decription.

  1. Grievance history

Grievance history is used to provide evidence of the change activities on a specific grievance. This can be used to monitor changes made to the grievances.

A Change History List is provided in tabular format for each grievance, where notifications are enabled for change events, users shall be notified accordingly.

Select the view icon, to see the details of the change.

Grievance Redress Management System