The dashboard is what the users see as soon as they log in. The Dashboard provides an immediate overview of the status of the various grievances. This includes the following: (a) Grievance Summary; (b) Latest Grievances; (c) Overdue Grievances (d) Unassigned Grievances; (e) Resolved Grievances, etc

The dashboard is available to any user who has access to the GRM, Registered users will have access to only grievances they have registered themselves.

Grievance Summary Tab

The Grievance Summary provides an immediate view of the overall status of all of the current grievances, along with the total number of grievances currently reported and their various statuses. Refer to the figure below

Lastest Grievance Tab

Shows the lastest grievances entered into the system. The Titles are highlighted and indicates that there is a ‘link’, which if clicked will enable the grievance to be edited.

Overdue Grievances Tab.

The most overdue grievances are shown in the ‘Overdue Grievances’ panel above. They are ordered with the earliest reported grievance shown first in the list.

Unassigned Grievances Tab

The unassigned Grievances tab displays what it is expected to display, the Grievances that have not been assigned to anyone to investigate and work.

Project Indicators Tab

These may be picked directly from the project indicators TAB on the dashboard

Grievance Redress Management System