Catalogs enable the administrator to configure parameters and to setup the default parameters of GRM, enable access to some features, enable/disable some features and allow editing fields that provide select one/many kind of options (catalogs)

All options are controlled by Catalogs, an Administrator Must Add an Option if it is not available in any or the Grievance Options boxes.

The available options are listed in the table below




For adding Organizations, eg. ACC, NaCSA, etc. Each Grievance is Created under an Organization. This is the organization responsible to resolve the grievance


For adding offices. An Office is part of an Origination. Before you add an office, ensure the organization is already created. For example ACC HQ is and office under ACC (Organization)


For adding Employees to an Organization and to a Specific Office. This is very crucial as an Employee in the District office should only have access to grievances for that district


For Adding Social Programs. Social programs also belong to Organizations

Grievance Types

Only accepted options as ACC Mater or Project Implementation Related, any other classification may require programming.


Controls Geographical Parameters, Regions/Districts/Chiefdoms/sections/etc


Enable additions of Areas eg. Social Project, Education, etc

Case Concepts

Specifies the type of Cases.

Acton Types

Specified the Action needed to resolve a Case



ODK configuration Settings


Who can access, Public, private, registered

Catalogs are accessed through a menu as shown below. Catalogs establishes an infrastructure for providing access to, consistent data wherever and whenever it is needed. The goal is to minimize manual entry of data. A list and structure of catalogs are provided on the menu below

Adding Organizations

All grievances are managed within organizations and organizations may be assigned to investigate and resolve a grievance.  Use the procedure below to add organisations.

Select Catalogs > Organizations - > Add Organization

Fill in the fields below;

Adding Social Programs

Select Catalogs > Programmes - > Add Programmes        

Provide information for the fields highlighted…

Adding Geographical Catalogs

Grievance Redress Management System